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Welcome to our review of the Bissell Cleanview  1831. We are going to inform you of its features, what people are saying about the vacuum cleaner and where you can buy it at a great price. Also, you will learn about what others like or dislike about the product and finally we will advise you what we think about it -the pros and cons.

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Main Features

Main Features

  1. One Pass Technology
  2. Power Suction System
  3. Reduced Dust and Allergens
  4. Lightweight Design

Let us look at these in more detail:

One Pass Technology

This Bissell Vacuum has great, powerful suction and its up-to-date design give you a great clean on the first pass, removing most of the ground-in hairs and dirt in your carpets.

Picture of the Bissell 1831 being pushed across the floor

Power Suction System

This system not only gives you good suction but helps to stop dirt particles from getting back into the air through the motor and will, therefore, lengthen the life of the vacuum and the filter.

Picture of the Front of the Bissell Cleanview 1831

Reduced Dust and Allergens

The multi-level filtration has a washable filter system that traps household dust and allergens.L

Lightweight Design

This Bissell Vacuum has a maneuverable lightweight design that makes carrying easier and you can push and pull without much effort or losing power.

Carrying a Bissell Cleanview 1832 downstairs

Specialized Tools

To clean places that are hard to reach the Bissell Cleanview 1831 has a number of special tools, these are:

Crevice Tool

There also seems to be dirt and rubbish that gets into the back of your sofa or behind the back of your chairs, not only in your house but in your car. This great crevice tool is good for cleaning along the baseboards too.

Crevice tools of the Bissell Cleanview 1831 being used on the floor

TurboBrush For Stairs Etc.

Vacuuming stairs are always a problem but the Bissell Cleanview Clean 1831 has this small brush roll that rotates and moves the debris like dirt and pet hairs and with its powerful action draws it up from your carpet and upholstery and is particularly good on carpeted stairs.

Bissell Cleanview 1831 Vacuum Cleaner being used on the stairs.


Bissell Cleanview 1831 being used in the ceiling edges

Whether the dirt is low down or high up does not matter to this versatile vacuum cleaner. You can reach ceiling fans, ceilings or baseboards-do it all without harming your back. Can be used together with the crevice tool. TuroBrush or dusting brush.

Dusting Brush

This brush has soft bristles that will gently clean the things of a rather delicate nature ie upholstery, lampshades, curtains.

Upholstery brush on the Bissell Cleanview 1831

Multi-Surface Versatility

For cleaning various surfaces there are 5 height adjustments and this Bissell Vacuum can reach over 30 foot high for those above the floor places

View of the adjusting height panel of the Bissell Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner 1831

Large Dirt Bin

This easy to empty dirt bin has a two-liter capacity which will give you a quick, mess -free situation.

Picture of the Dirt Bin of the Bissell Cleanview 1831 Vacuum Cleaner

Free Amazon Tech Support

Sometimes products do not work as they should or as we expect and there are occasions when we may like somebody to go the preliminary set up steps with us. On certain purchases, Amazon offers support over the phone covering the first 60 days. Their technicians can try and help you solve any issues you may have. If you want to use this option go to Your Orders and choose Get Product Support.


The Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Orange, 1831 is not like other vacuum cleaners that you have to use it a number of times before you collect all that dirt and dust, This Bissell is designed with One Pass technology which has the power and suction to clean on the initial pass and cleans well due to its multi-level filtration with a washable filter.

If you are allergic to pet dust or pollen the filter will do a great job in removing the offending agent.

Looking at Amazon,com 1,646 customers gave it a 4.3 out of 5 Stars and is, in fact, their number one vacuum cleaner. So it appears the consensus is that this product is worth buying particularly at this great price of $88.38. Buy by clicking below.

Bissell Cleanview Cleaner 1831 C

Customers Opinion

Do you have a problem with pet hairs? Well, you won’t with the Bissell Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner, Orange, 1831 it has been designed to make it easy to pick up fur and dirt on the first pass. Although, you must make sure that you empty the canister regularly otherwise it will get clogged up. Many customers gave it a good rating not only for its cleaning ability but for its light weight-one person said that their 10- year -old son used it.

This vacuum cleaner works well on most surfaces. Low pile carpet. shag carpet, and hardwood floors. But there are a few not so great points. The canister is not always easy to clean. There is no automatic cord roll-up and some say the hose is short and not user-friendly.

Also, some purchasers did mention that the vacuums rotating brush continued to spin even if you are just using the hose sucker, which can lead to problems.

Consequently, the conclusion seems to be that if you have pets and do not want to spend a lot of money the Bissell Cleanview 1831 could be the one for you.

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